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What Is The Best Sushi Near Me

Sushi is an incredibly popular Japanese cuisine, for this reason there are quite literally hundreds of Sushi restaurants located all over the world. Given that every visitor to this page is from a unique location, it would be extremely difficult for us to tell you which is the best Sushi place near to you.

However, do not let this put you off of your quest for finding the best Sushi near me, there are some things which you can do to find the best sushi in your area. The first and foremost method of finding the best sushi is to read online reviews.

Luckily for you by searching our listings you can simply click on a sushi restaurant name and read through customers reviews. If you are in a hurry you can also click on sushi place names on the simple map above, and you will see an option which lets you read other, previous customer’s reviews.

Another option for finding the best sushi spots in your area, is to simply ask people who live there! You can either ask local people on the street, in shops or bars. If lots of people are giving you the same recommendation, then this is probably a good sign that you have found the best sushi place in town.

If you are the shy type and would rather not ask people for their recommendation, then you can always take to social media to find your answer. Search for groups on Facebook and twitter with the name of the town or city you are located in, and you should find local groups with thousands of members.

List of Sushi Near Me

If you would just like a list of some of the most popular, well known Sushi restaurants and Sushi delivery places near to you, below you will find a list of some of the World’s biggest, best known Sushi restaurants. You can use the list below as a starting point for your search and check whether or not any of these Sushi places are near to you.

  • Arami
  • Arigato Sushi
  • Ichi Sushi
  • Yo Sushi
  • Hokusei
  • Mirai
  • Ichimura
  • O Ya
  • Miyake

Why Is Sushi So Popular?

Sushi is a very old style of Japanese cuisine, but recently it has become increasingly popular throughout the world, especially in western countries such as the United States and across Europe.

There are many reasons for the popularity of Sushi but here are some of the reasons we think Sushi is such a great cuisine, and maybe these are the reasons for it’s spike in popularity.

Sushi Is A True Fast Food

When you think of fast food you often think of Burgers, Fries or perhaps Pizza. But even though these are classed as fast food types, even these are not as fast as Sushi, the reason for this? Sushi is raw!

As you are probably aware Sushi is mostly made with uncooked fish prepared with other ingredients such as rice and vegetables, not only does this mean that Sushi gets to your table super fast, it also means Sushi is really healthy (more on this below).

Given how quickly Sushi can be prepared and presented to you, it is understandable to see why so many choose to eat lunch or dinner at Sushi restaurants. For those people who are on the move and need to eat quickly, or maybe those on a break at work and need to get back to the office, Sushi is a great choice for a fast meal.

Sushi Is A Healthy Food Choice

The ingredients that go into Sushi are extremely simple, the majority of Sushi sold is nothing more than raw seafood and rice. This is not to say that Sushi is easy to make or prepare, Sushi restaurants normally employ Japanese chefs with years of experience whom deeply understand the rich cultural heritage of Sushi.

What can be said for Sushi however is that fish, rice and vegetables are very good for you, providing all of the macro nutrients your body needs. Seafood contains lots of different vitamins, minerals and complex macro-nutrients which your body needs to function, one of the main ones being protein.

While meat and in particular red meat also offer these, there is growing evidence that too much red meat in your diet can cause a host of bowel and heart problems. With Sushi you are getting all of the protein needed for a healthy body and mind, but without the fat content.

Sushi Is An Exciting Food

The last but not least reason we think that Sushi is such a favorite among so many people is that it is exciting! There is something unique, mysterious and ultra cool about Sushi. With it’s bright colors, shapes and just the fact that it’s raw fish all combine to make a very sexy food.

When you begin to notice the amount of modern western-style Sushi bars and restaurants popping up in major cities and towns, you can see how they have taken full advantage of the youthful, fun loving aspect of Sushi. A good example of this is Yo Sushi which uses a moving conveyor belt which moves a selection of different Sushi around the restaurant, and people simply grab what they want.

This conveyor belt concept really sums up all over the aforementioned positive points of Sushi, it takes full advantage of it’s unique, exciting style and offers up it’s relatively healthy Sushi in the most efficient and fast way possible. Yo Sushi might be worth visiting when you’re looking for Sushi near me.


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