Indian food is one of the most popular foods in the world, so it’s not hard to imagine why you may be searching for Indian restaurants near me or even Indian food near me. There are literally hundreds of Indian restaurants all over the world serving fantastic authentic Indian food. But how do you know if there is an Indian restaurant close to you?

To find the nearest Indian restaurant in your current location there are a few things you can do, firstly you can search our listings by clicking on the Explore drop down from the main menu above, this will take you to our listings search feature which with the click of a button can auto detect your location and display listings of Indian restaurants near to you.

You can also use the simple and fast web search feature below to begin your search for Indian restaurants near me. To begin just use the search as you would any other search form, with queries such as Indian restaurants near me, Indian food near me or Indian restaurants near me open now .etc.

Whatever you choose to search, you will then be presented with results matching your search query, these should be local Indian restaurants and businesses which operate near to your current location. If you would simply like to quickly see the actual locations on a map, then use the map below.

By clicking on Indian restaurant names and Indian food sellers you can find more information such as previous customer reviews, contact information and directions of how to actually get there, either by car, walking or public transport such as trains and buses.

What Are The Best Indian Restaurants Near Me?

If you do not want to guess at which is the best Indian restaurant in you current location but you would rather feel confident in your choice of which Indian restaurant to choose, you will need to research the local Indian food places in your area.

As there are so many different Indian restaurants in hundreds of different locations all over the world, we cannot tell you which is the best for your current unique location, what we can tell you however is how you can find the best Indian restaurant nearby.

The first thing which you need to find out is what Indian restaurants are nearby, once you know of the Indian restaurants near to you (if there are any) then you can begin to research how popular they are, what their customer service is like, reviews about the Indian food they serve .etc.

Indian Restaurant Reviews

The best way to find out about the Indian restaurant of your choice is by searching our listings right here on ZapNear, within the listings page of the Indian restaurant you are interested in will be reviews from previous customers. If there are currently no reviews for the given Indian restaurant, then you can also use the simple map above and click on Indian restaurant names, which will pull in reviews from around the web.

Choose Indian Restaurants Near Me By Asking Local People

If you cannot find any reviews for the particular Indian restaurant you are researching, or if you do not find the reviews and opinions satisfactory then you can always just ask people in your nearby location of their opinion, ask in shops, bars and people you meet on the street.

Local people will usually have a better understanding on the best Indian restaurant in your current location than anyone else online. You can also take this online if you are shy about asking locals, simply find a Facebook group for that particular area.

You can do this by searching for the town or city name and finding groups associated with that area, often these groups have thousands of subscribers and there will be plenty of people to help you choose an Indian restaurant based upon their real life experiences of them.

What Is The Best Indian Food Near Me?

With Indian food there are loads of different popular dishes, you will find the majority of the dishes are curries however there are also very popular non-curry dishes. Some Indian dishes are more popular than others, and these popular dishes which are normally curries are pretty much classed as “staple” Indian foods, due to their popularity.

There are no set rules for Indian dishes, so while you will have your well known, tried and tested curries, there will also be the Indian chef’s own signature curries and dishes which are unique to them. This means there is incrfedible variation in the amount of Indian restaurant menus.

If you are new to Indian food or if you simply want to try something you have not tried before, below you will find an Indian food chart which will guide you on some of the more popular dishes and what you can expect from each of them, in terms of taste and flavor.

Keep in mind that some of the most popular Indian dishes are actually Anglo-Indian, the majority of Indian curries actually have their roots in Britain, during the Indian Raj era. For this reason some of these curries and dishes may not be available in every country.

Food NameDescription
MadrasHot Curry, normally Lamb, Chicken or Beef (Beef depending on if operated by strict Hindus)
TikkaMild curry, normally always chicken, best if cooked in a tandoori oven.
Tikka-MasalaMild, bright orange-red curry, massive flavor, one of the UK's favorite curries. Normally Chicken best cooked in a tandoori oven.
BhunaMedium-Hot curry, normally a Lamb curry, with vegetables, usually always green peppers.
VindalooVery hot curry, can be either Lamb, Chicken or Beef (Beef depending on if operated by strict Hindus.
PhalHottest curry in the world, most often found in the UK. Can be with Lamb, Chicken or Beef (Beef depending on if operated by strict Hindus). Warning this curry is seriously hot.
Naan BreadTraditional Indian bread cooked in a tandoori oven.
Keema NaanMinced lamb inside a Naan.
Peshwari NaanCoconut and Sultanas inside a Naan.
ChapatiTraditional Indian, pan cooked flatbread
KormaVery mild curry, very creamy and coconut sauce. Very popular.
JalfreziFairly hot. Thick sauce, ginger, garlic, onions. Can be served with either Chicken, Lamb or Beef (Beef depending on if operated by strict Hindus)

List of Indian Restaurants Near Me

Indian restaurants do not normally operate as a chain of restaurants as seen with fast food restaurants, so unfortunately we cannot give you a list of popular Indian restaurant chains, what we have put together for you however is a list of some of the world’s best Indian restaurants.

If you ever get the chance to visit any of these Indian restaurants, then grab it because these represent some of the finest restaurants in Indian cuisine, food and Indian chefs, you will not be disappointed.

  • Junoon – New York
  • Gaggan  – Bangkok
  • Amaya – London
  • Gymkhana – London
  • Amal – Dubai
  • Verandah – Copenhagen


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