You are here because you are looking for fast food near me, at ZapNear we show you the best fast food and restaurants near to your current location. You may want to know what are the best fast food restaurants in your area, or possibly even what are the fast food chains in your area. You may want to know where the nearest Chic-Fil-A, Wendy’s or Taco Bell is located.

To find the best fast food near to you, you can locate fast food restaurants by searching through our listings in your location. To begin searching simply select the “Explore” drop down in the main menu above. From there you can find listings of fast food places near to you, reviews, photo galleries, contact information, opening hours .etc.

You can also use the simple web search form below, by searching for fast food near me it will return results of fast food restaurant websites from around the web.

Another option is to use the simple map below, this option might appeal to those of you who would rather see a quick graphical representation of fast food locations on an actual map near to you.

To use the map you can click on a marker, you will then  be shown more information such as the full name, address, directions on how to get there (walking, driving and public transport), you will also be able to read reviews from previous customers for that exact fast food restaurant.

Fast Food Near Me Open Now

It is always a good idea to know in advance whether or not a fast food restaurant is actually even open right now, there is nothing worse than being in an area which you do not know well, to find a restaurant or store and then drive all the way there just to find out it is actually closed.

So what is the answer to this dilemma? It is pretty easy actually, first of all you need to find fast food near me are even in your nearby area, once you have a list of fast food places near to you then you can find out their opening times. While a lot of fast food restaurants and drive-thru businesses are now open 24 hours, some still have closing times of 10-12pm.

In order to find out the opening and closing times of the local fast food places, simply search through our listings for fast food near me using the options above, once you have found one which you would like to eat at you can view their opening times directly on their listing page or visit their official website to find out their opening and closing times.

If for some reason their opening times are not displayed on their listing and they do not have a website, which is unlikely if it is a large fast food chain, but more likely if they are an independent restaurant, the other option is to go the old fashioned route of giving them a quick phone call.

Of course the final and most involved option for finding out their opening and closing times is simply to drive or walk there and actually find out for yourself, of course in the modern age of the internet this is highly unlikely you will need to do this, however in more rural areas with independent restaurants this may be your only option.

What Are The Best Fast Food Places Near Me?

We try to answer a lot of your restaurant related questions here at ZapNear, however there are some which we cannot give direct answers to. One of these is the often asked question of what is the best fast food near me?

The reason is because we help you find locations of restaurants from all over the world, there for it would be a huge task for us to review every single possible fast food place in the world, of which there are literally thousands. This does not however mean we cannot help you to discover the answer to this question.

The best way to find out which are the best fast food places nearby is to firstly find which restaurants actually exist in the first place, you can do this by following our directions above. Once you have a list of restaurants you would like to visit and eat at, you can then check out if there are any reviews on their listing on ZapNear.

If for some reason or another these reviews do not satisfy you or there simply does not exist any reviews for the particular place you want to visit, then your next option is to find the contact information for that restaurant in particular and give them a call or an email.

From there you can find out how popular they are, and get a first hand experience of their customer service over the phone. If they appear rude or blunt over the phone, then it is probably a good sign that they are going to be very much the same in real life, so this might be an indicator to avoid this establishment.

What Are The Most Popular Fast Food Restaurant Chains In the USA?

While it is always nice and usually a good idea to visit new and independent fast food establishments, sometimes you may just want to visit some tried and tested well known fast food brands, maybe you are craving a Big Mac? There are so many different options of fast food chains today that it is hard to know which ones you should check out.

To help you answer this question we have provided a list of all of the best fast food joints in the United States and Worldwide below, for you to use as a base for your search for fast food chains in your nearby location.

Fast Food Restaurant NameLocation
Burger KingWorldwide
Taco BellUnited States
Dunkin' DonutsUnited States
KrogerUnited States
Olive GardenUnited States
Chili'sUnited States
Frozen YoghurtUnited States
ZaxbysUnited States
QdobaUnited States
QuiznosUnited States
Joe's Crab ShackUnited States
O'Charley'sUnited States
P.F. Chang'sUnited States
Buffalo Wild WingsUnited States
ChipotleUnited States
Applebee'sUnited States
Pizza HutWorldwide
Chic-fil-AUnited States
IHOPUnited States
Little Caesar'sUnited States
Wendy'sUnited States
Jimmy John'sUnited States
Krispy KremeWorldwide
Denny'sUnited States
Circle KUnited States
Steak 'n ShakeUnited States
Captain D'sUnited States
Arby'sUnited States
Fish n ChipsWorldwide
Dairy QueenUnited States
SonicsUnited States
Panera BreadUnited States


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