Chinese food is probably one of the most popular types of foods in the world, so then it is no surprise that you may be searching for Chinese food near me, Chinese buffet near me or Chinese restaurants near me. There are literally hundreds of different Chinese restaurants and Chinese buffets all over the world, so let’s see how we can see which ones are near to you.

To begin your search for Chinese food you can search our listings of Chinese restaurants, click the Explore drop down from the main menu above, from there you can auto detect your location and find Chinese restaurants nearby with the click of a button. By clicking on listings of Chinese restaurants you will be able to view customer reviews, opening hours and also contact information such as telephone number, website address and social media profiles.

If you are in a hurry and just want to quickly search the web simply enter your query into the search field below, you might be looking for “Chinese food near me”, “Chinese buffet near me” or even “Chinese restaurant near me”. Whatever way you want to express your search, you should then be presented with listings matching your search description.

The listings depend upon what you actually searched for, but if you search for Chinese restaurants near me, you should be presented with results including local Chinese restaurants and food places.

The alternative method for finding Chinese restaurants in your location is to use the simple map included below, this is different from our own map displayed when searching our listings, but you can use this map to see locations of Chinese food places near to you which have been pulled from around the web.

By clicking on any of the Chinese restaurant names, or Chinese takeaways you will be able to view their customer reviews and contact information along with directions on how to actually get there either by walking, driving, train or bus.

What Is The Best Chinese Food Near Me

In order to find the best Chinese food near to you, first you need to know which Chinese food places actually exist in your current, nearby location. As you can imagine there are literally hundreds of Chinese restaurants and buffets in the world, so we cannot tell you which is the best within your exact location, as there are literally hundreds of combinations of Chinese restaurants and locations worldwide.

What we can do though, is to guide you on how you can find out which are the best Chinese food places and Chinese buffets near to you. ZapNear makes this incredibly easy as all of our listings have the option for customers to leave a review for that particular Chinese restaurant, this means you can easily read reviews from other ZapNear users for any of the Chinese restaurants listed.

When reading through the reviews for the Chinese restaurant you have chosen to research, it is worth noting that the reviews may be slightly skewed or even biased, bear in mind that people who are dissatisfied with the service they received are more likely to leave a review than people who had a positive dining experience.

If you are not satisfied that you have read enough information about the Chinese restaurant of your choice, you can always ask the local people for their opinion of what is the best Chinese food near me or Chinese buffet near me.

If you do not have much luck in either of these options for finding the best Chinese food place, the other option is the old school way, and that is to just give them a quick call. When phoning a restaurant take account of a couple of things, firstly their level of customer support. If the employee is courteous, friendly and helpful this is probably a good sign that this is the level of customer support you will also receive when actually visiting the restaurant.

The other indicator of a good restaurant is the booking time, by booking time what we mean is how long you will have to wait before being given a table. If they tell you that you do not need to book and just to turn up when you want, this is a solid indicator that this Chinese buffet or restaurant may not be as popular as one in which you need to book a table in advance.

Why Is Chinese Food So Popular?

There are many reasons for the worldwide popularity of Chinese food, but among these are first and foremost that it is delicious. Without question, Chinese food is incredibly tasty with a varied palette of different flavors. Within Chinese cuisine, you will find all tastes imaginable, from sweet to sour (no pun intended), from salty and pungent to bland and dry.

So what does this mean? This means that not only is Chinese food delicious but it appeals to all different people with different taste desires, some people can choose the more spicy Chinese dishes, while others may choose blander foods such as plain noodles.

Because Chinese food is such a versatile food in both it’s preparation and easy to cook, simple ingredients it means that Chinese food appeals to many different diets, it is for this reason that it is not hard to find vegan and vegetarian, and even gluten free Chinese food these days.

One other massive reason for the popularity of Chinese food is that it is enjoyed by people of all different age groups, from young to old everyone loves Chinese food. Picking up again on the variety in flavors in tastes within Chinese foods, this also means that it can be enjoyed by different age groups alike.

Younger eaters usually enjoy the more spicy and exotic Chinese dishes, while older people may enjoy the easy to eat and simple noodle and foo young dishes. When you add all of these positive points together you can see a clear picture of just why Chinese food seems to be so popular all over the world today and why so many are searching for Chinese food near me.

Chinese Buffet Near Me

Buffets are a great choice when deciding what kind of restaurant you would like to eat at, combine the much loved buffet style of eating with Chinese cuisine and you have an obvious winner for your next restaurant choice.

If you are looking for Chinese buffet near me then you are probably already aware of all the reasons of why Chinese buffets are so great, but if not let’s explore what exactly makes Chinese buffets so good.

First of all both Chinese food and buffets are extremely “easy” food, what do we mean by this? Well Chinese food is usually served in simple, small portions. This makes Chinese food incredibly simple to consume for a large group of different people, these small portions lend well to buffet style, because with a buffet you can eat many different types of foods as you serve yourself.

Therefore not having a large portion of any one type of food means that you can try lots of different foods in one sitting. This is what makes Chinese food and Chinese buffets in particular very popular among lots of different people, but especially among children and younger people who want to experiment and try lots of different foods.

Chinese buffets are also a fantastic choice if you are on the go and need to eat quickly, instead of having to wait for a table then waiting upon waiting staff to take your order, and then once again waiting again for food to be prepared and cooked, with a Chinese buffet you can go straight in, select what you want to eat and take it back to your table and tuck straight in.

For these reasons it is easy to see why so many people plan their parties and work events at a Chinese buffet, everyone loves Chinese food, and lots of people enjoy the quick, simple and exciting concept of Buffet style restaurants, people with all different tastes and diet requirements can be satisfied at a Chinese buffet.

List of Chinese Food Near Me

As with many other styles of food and cultural cuisine, there are a number of well known chains or brands of Chinese restaurant, so if you want to try some Chinese food from a restaurant which is well known, tried and tested then this list is for you.

You can use this list as a starting point for your search for Chinese food near me, take the names of the below restaurants and then use them in a new search as explained at the top.

  • P.F. Chang’s
  • Chin Chin Restaurant
  • Pick Up Stix
  • City Wok
  • BD’s Mongolian Grill
  • Leeann Chin
  • Big Bowl Fresh Chinese and Thai
  • DinTaiFung
  • China Garden
  • Mark Pi’s Asian Concepts
  • The Great Wall
  • Pei Wei Asian Diner
  • Joe’s Shanghai
  • Manchu Wok
  • Stir Crazy Fresh Asian Diner


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