ZapNear is a directory and location finder application which puts customers in front of the businesses they are searching for. The majority of our users are searching for local businesses hence the phrase “Zap to places near you”. Zap is the key word here, Zap is used not in it’s destructive sense but rather it implies to move quickly, this is perfect as it is our aim to get our users to where they want to go in the quickest time possible.

On the other side of the fence lies the businesses which are listed on ZapNear, these pages can be managed by the business owners and employees themselves, bringing a wealth of value to their business; allowing them to communicate directly with their customers, offer them deals and coupons and most importantly attract new customers.

If you operate a business and it is not currently listed on ZapNear then why not Add Your Listing today! Our users could be searching for a business just like yours, in your location.